T.K. Wade is an author living in Coastal North Carolina. A fan of nearly every genre of story, he spends his evenings writing for several hours at a time. He specializes in fantasy, humor, and children's literature. In his spare time, he enjoys books by authors such as L. Frank Baum, Kenneth Grahame, and Gary Kilworth. You can find many of his published books on

T.K. Wade is also a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

T.K. Wade Author
Coy Fields II Illustrator artist

Coy Fields II is an illustrator residing in Eastern North Carolina. This mostly self-taught artist specializes in cartooning. He has collaborated with T.K. Wade on many projects as well as some of his own endeavors.

Coy Fields has illustrated the books: Eva: The Apple of God's Eye and Ava in Fairyland.


Christopher Buffaloe artist illustrator

Christopher Buffaloe is a self-taught artist who lives in eastern North Carolina. He is inspired by comics and anime and merges the two into his own style of art. As part of a creative group of individuals known as "The Figments" he grows and explores his talents in the visual arts.

Christopher has illustrated a number of book covers for T.K. Wade–such as: A Wolf in My Bedroom, The Death of Olympus, and The Imaginist.

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