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Science Fiction / Fantasy

Pecos bill standing with coyotes. The Untold Legend of Pecos Bill. Book.
The Untold Legend of Pecos Bill


Genre: Tall Tale Western

Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II

What happens when a boy is brought up on whiskey and poker, falls out of a moving wagon, and ends up being raised by a band of coyotes? He just might end up becoming the best darn cowboy in all of Texas is what! From wrangling tornadoes, fending off monster snakes, and even taking on the toughest criminals in the old west; there seemed like there was nothing this man could not do.


With his trusty horse WidowMaker, he would end up becoming the biggest hero of the time, and there were few who would disagree. The only thing that seemed to take him for a loop was those sweet, sultry, feminine charms of the lovely SlueFoot Sue. Will Pecos be able to win her over, or does his horse have other plans? The Untold Legend of Pecos Bill by T.K. Wade retells the story for a new generation. Adventure, humor, and fun await in this classic, old west tall tale!

Girl and wolf in bed. A Wolf in My Bedroom. Book.
The Fascinating Life of Animal Robots


Genre: Science Fiction Novel

Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II and Chris Buffaloe

In the future, walking and talking robots are a part of daily life. They do things for us with perfect efficiency. However, they are anything but people. James Reiner is the CEO and president of a company who is trying to change that. The only difference is that his line of robots look like cute, cartoony animals.


The animal robots seem to act and feel more like people than any other model on the planet. Soon they are taking the world by storm, but this success comes with disturbing questions. Are these robots really people? Are they alive? And if so, should they be considered property? “The Fascinating Life of Animal Robots” by T.K. Wade deals with these questions and more.

Girl and wolf in bed. A Wolf in My Bedroom. Book.
A Wolf in My Bedroom


Genre: Fantasy Horror

Cover Illustrated by Chris Buffaloe

Imagine if your daughter was secretly being visited by an evil entity every night in her bedroom… and you were unawares. In this dark tale, T.K. Wade relates the story of Darlene–a young girl who has developed a relationship with a brooding wolf named Shadow. In many respects, this is a modern-day take on Little Red Riding-Hood and focuses on a feminine desire to be possessed, controlled, and ultimately devoured.

Can Darlene ultimately overcome the creature’s possession, or will she inevitably become his meal? "A Wolf in My Bedroom" is a slow-measured horror story intended for young adult readers and up.

Man and woman at table. The Death of Olympus. Book.
The Death of Olympus


Genre: Science Fiction

Cover Illustrated by Christopher Buffuloe

In the future, the population of the earth is reduced to a mere five hundred million. A small group of transhumans called the Immortals rule the entire world from their great city Olympus. Enter Kaitlyn Little, a young mortal woman who enjoys writing stories. The only problem is that mortals are not allowed to create fiction; however, John Smith, an eminent Immortal, becomes interested in her gift. In this dramatic new vision by T.K. Wade, find out how this simple girl challenges all that the Immortals have come to cherish.

Furry snake. Surreal. Background. Snafu. Book.


Genre: High Fantasy

​Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Ever wondered if he was still out there somewhere? Does being imaginary mean that he does not really exist? This is a story about a real imaginary friend! Snafu was a snake, but not a creepy snake like you find in your back yard. He was fluffy like a giant caterpillar.


"Snafu" by T.K. Wade is about the life and times of a real imaginary friend. Through his life, he went to places that may seem beyond imagination, but such things are like home for the little guy. Join him on a thrilling and magical adventure into places that you thought could only exist in dreams!

A man sitting and wondering. Book. The Imaginist.
The Imaginist


Genre: Mystery/Supernatural

​Cover Illustrated by Chris Buffuloe


A man with a supernatural power to make his thoughts into reality teams up with a talking mouse to solve three mysteries within Victorian England. Join them as they dive deeply into some of the darkest regions of the imagination!

Tales included:

-A Gentleman and a Mouse

-The Other Guest

-Deadly Dreams

A great read for young teens and up!

A fire. White rat. Old, gray rat. Evil. Book. Rat.


Genre: Adult Novel

​Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II


An old, maniacal rat who wants to control others.

A white slave rat who never knew freedom.


A son coming to terms with his father's evil ways.


The lives of rats are cruel and deadly.


Enter into their world and discover the darkness within.


"Rat" by T.K. Wade follows the adventures of an evil rat named Cornelius Wolfington the Fourth. He will stop at nothing to control his destiny even at the expense of those around him.


[Warning: This book is not intended for children!]

Children's Literature

Cute bunnies. A mouse and skunk. Book. Adventures in Cottontail Pines: The Summer Princess.
Adventures in Cottontail Pines:
The Summer Princess


Genre: Children's Literature

​Cover and illustrations by Coy Fields II


One little bunny, one BIG PROBLEM!


Welcome to Cottontail Pines, a bustling village with many neighborly animals. Flopsy the lop-eared rabbit is chosen to be the Summer Princess at the Summer Jamboree festival. Mean 'ol Wily the fox teases her about her long ears and makes her worry she will trip over them. Will her friends be able to help her before it is too late?


Adventures of Cottontail Pines is a beautiful hardback book with 24 color illustrations by Coy Field II. It will make a great addition to any children's library.

Man and girl. Book. Ava in Fairyland.
Ava in Fairyland


Genre: Children's Literature

Fully Illustrated by Coy Fields II

A Magical Adventure!

Ava Paige is a sweet little girl who loves the color yellow. Rupert Appleton is a tubby man with a colorful bag. Somehow, they end up on the same train together, a train bound to a magical country called Fairyland!


Join Ava and Rupert on their adventure in this new fully illustrated book by T.K. Wade! Meet Jasper the Bunny, who is trying to get back home before an army of foxes capture him. Read about the friends they encounter along the way, like Rocky, a wolf made of stone, and Hyjinx, a hyena who likes to tell stories. In the tradition of "Wizard of Oz" and "Alice in Wonderland," this story will spark the imaginations of children everywhere!

Jack in he Box soldier toys rat rodent ballerina The Steadfast Tin Soldier book cver
The Steadfast Tin Soldier


Genre: Children's Literature

Fully Illustrated by Chris Buffaloe



An American toy soldier known as Private James falls deep into the pits of hate and madness for the sake of a beautiful ballerina and his own dream of a better world. Despite the absence of one leg, James stands against despair, even when there is no hope left. But how can a simple toy soldier make a difference? Is love stronger than ancient evil?

Hans Christian Andersen's classic "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" gets a Americanized reimagining in this tale written by T.K. Wade and beautifully illustrated by Chris Buffaloe.

Bizarro Fiction

fox and squirrel driving car. Book. God and the Squirrels.
God and the Squirrels


Genre: Bizarro Fiction

​Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II


Robert was a simple insurance salesman whose life did not really amount to much. He hated his job and spent his days wallowing in self-pity. One day, Robert tried to run a squirrel over with his car in anger, but to God, that was the last straw. The man had to be punished, and by punishment, he would be turned into a squirrel and sent to a cutesy cartoon squirrel village until he would learn his lesson.


"God and the Squirrels" by T.K. Wade is overflowing with fun and comedy throughout. It is filled with hilarious characters and, perhaps, a few villains. Prepare to get squirrely!

three rats. lab. Lab the Rat and other stories about rats, science, and the meaing of life. Book cover
Labby the Rat
(and other stories about rats, science, and the meaning of life.)


Genre: Bizarro Science Fiction

​Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II


Labby may have looked like an ordinary lab rat, but with the help of advanced human science, he may end up becoming the savior of the entire planet. Bullied and misunderstood by his peers, he struggled with the vast potential within him to ascend to heights no rodent has ever known. Within the course of three stories, you will come to understand how one small rat somehow changed the course of the world as we know it.

Labby the Rat: The original tale of an intelligent and misunderstood rodent and his rise to greater things.

Blue Skies: Two rats are trapped within an automated lab that seems out to kill them.

Rodents of a Doomed Planet: The Earth becomes a wasteland filled with monstrosities. A brave group of rodents work together to escape to the moon.

This new collection of stories by T.K. Wade is filled with adventure, comedy, and action like no other.

book cover. Fairyland Detectives. Two men. animals. cartoons. fox. raccoon. mouse. mice. bunny. rabbit. gun. bird. trenchcoat.
Fairyland Detectives


Genre: Bizarro Fiction Mystery

​Cover Illustrated by Coy Fields II


Fairyland is the land where the dreams of little children become a reality. The only problem is, children are not always so well-behaved. Therefore, the realm must be policed by the Fairyland Detective Agency.

Detectives Roger Carlson and Brent Wade are tasked with keeping the peace as naughty children run amok in the land of dreams. But when a wizard from our world tries to turn Fairyland from a dream into a nightmare, these detectives will have their work cut out for them.